Where is Bee's Wax Polish made?

Made in the USA.

How much should I spray for each surface?

A little bit of Bee's Wax goes a long way. We recommend starting with a very small amount and increasing as necessary. Too much on glass can require more wiping than necessary.

Does Bee's Wax Polish cause wax buildup?

Unlike other polishes, there is absolutely NO wax buildup with the Original Bee's Wax Polish. You can use it on your windows which will clearly illustrate that it has no buildup as it is crystal clear after application.

Does Bee's Wax Polish yellow over time?

It will not yellow over time. It goes on crystal clear and stays clear.

What is the best type of cleaning cloth to use with Bee's Wax Polish?

Some microfiber cloths are treated with certain chemicals and are not good to use with our polish. We recommend using a cotton cloth for the best results.

Is Bee's Wax Polish scented?

Yes, it has a wonderful lemon fresh scent.

Is your polish available in a non aerosol container?

No, it's only available in an aerosol can at this time.

What surfaces can your polish be used on?

Our product has multiple uses. Check out our post here to learn more!

How does Bee's Wax work on shower with ceramic tiles and grout?

This product works great on ceramic tile and grout. Clean it first and then apply the polish to the cleaned tile when it is dry. It is fine in high moisture once the polish is applied. Do not use on shower floors.